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New Design Posted and New Music Coming Soon!

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Hey everyone, I know it’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything but I have been super busy. I have been finishing up a bunch of audio work which I will post soon. But I also have a new design posted today about rainbows, check it out at Also keep checking back for more!

CZAR Music Website Up And Running

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Check out for news and show updates as well as free streaming music.
I recently finished the site which includes a front page blog and the fully functional calendar I mentioned in an earlier post.
I’m excited how stoked the guys are to have it and I hope everyone else enjoys it!

Color Basics Infographic

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Color infographic

First Narrows Media infographic design about color. Covering a simple explanation of hue saturation and value as well as RGB and CMYK. Then a bit about hexadecimal color codes. Tutorial in the works about hexadecimal color codes for design beginners.

It’s been a while..

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Lots of new stuff coming for Narrows. Starting a new recording project tomorrow with Seeya Space Bandit. Also finishing up recordings for Requiem for a Whiplash. Finishing up, fixing up the Narrows site, working on, and then working on a modeling website for a friend. All of this while trying to write new music with CZAR and all the side projects. Getting stoked for all of these new things.